Graphic Design

URCM's Graphic Design area plays a key role in how we visually tell the story to our various target audiences and the constituents our projects serve. This area provides graphic design and art direction services for URCM projects marrying audience research strategy with typography, photography, and visual research to provide high quality and high impact design work. Whether the format is print, digital, or video, our team of designers uses contemporary design strategies to make sure that the final product is visually engaging, competitive in the higher education industry, aligned with additional UNT products and branding initiatives, and communicates effectively to the audiences.

The design area is fully integrated into the process for creating all URCM products including advertising, recruitment marketing, serial publications and electronic formats. If you work with other URCM units to create a new product or assess an existing one, design will be included to make sure that your strategy is complete.

The graphic design area also provides brand management and approval for the UNT Denton campus. If you have a project that you need approval for, make sure to email a pdf of it to we will get back to you shortly with an approval number or direction on how to make your project work in concert with the branding efforts of the university.


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URCM - Design/Creative Services

Cliffton Caster

Graphic Designer


University Services Building

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As a URCM designer, Cliffton:

  • Creates design for a diverse range of print and on-line projects.
  • Conceptualizes creative solutions for a variety of design projects
  • Partners in providing guidance to the campus on proper execution of brand usage
  • Works with printers to ensure accurate print production
  • Collaborates with team members to meet project goals