Planning Implementation


Planning Implementation is the vital link between strategic planning and achieving goals; it puts UNT's plans into action.  Our goal is to make the planning implementation process efficient and transparent.

We work closely with the President, Cabinet and community members to ensure UNT's efforts in planning implementation align with the university's overall mission and the UNT System's planning priorities. In addition, we recommend and implement steps to identify UNT's planning implementation goals. Working in collaboration with others, we develop and execute UNT's Planning Implementation Workshop and the President's State of the University Address.

Throughout the planning implementation cycle, we develop and execute periodic and annual reports on planning activities and implementation outcomes. We gather information on an ongoing basis and provide analysis and outcome assessment to the president as he evaluates the effectiveness of the university's planning initiatives.

Serving as the coordinator for UNT's planning implementation software tool, OnStrategy, we provide training and support for planning implementation team members across campus and others.

URCM - Administration

Deborah Leliaert

Vice President, University Relations and Planning


Hurley Administration Building

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As vice president of University Relations and Planning, Deborah:

  • is responsible for enhancing and protecting UNT's reputation and image
  • reports to UNT's president
  • collaborates with fellow members of the President's Cabinet and leaders from virtually every area on campus regarding UNT's reputation and image
  • serves as the chief university spokesperson in public forums
  • carries chief responsibility for the effectiveness of the university's communications, branding, marketing, crisis and issues management, and media and visitor relations
  • works directly with the members of URCM's leadership team (our associate vice president and unit directors) to keep the division nimble, responsive and adaptive to changing internal and external communications environments, opportunities and technologies

URCM - Administration

Kristi Easley

Director of Outcomes Assessment and Planning


Hurley Administration Building

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As UNT's director of Outcomes Assessment and Planning, Kristi:

  • Serves as the central planning implementation software coordinator for the university, providing training and support for users across campus
  • Provides planning implementation data reporting to university and system leadership
  • Coordinates legal aspects of the trademarks and licensing program
  • Provides strategic oversight of the campus Visitor Experience/Eagle Ambassador program
  • Coordinates TracDat planning and reporting for URCM
  • Provide assistance to the President's office for special events and the Admissions office for recruitment efforts