This URCM team produces print and online publications that keep faculty, staff, students, alumni and university friends informed about news and events happening at UNT.
Primary publications include:

  • The North Texan, UNT's alumni magazine, distributed to about 205,000 alumni, university friends, faculty and staff each quarter. The magazine is designed to help build the bond between alumni and UNT by instilling pride and showing the UNT family that the institution and its alumni are making a mark in the world with their unique talents and contributions to business, science, industry and the arts.
  • UNT Research, an annual magazine and dynamic website that highlights the cutting-edge research and creative activities happening in UNT laboratories, classrooms and libraries. The website is updated regularly and accompanied by a monthly e-newsletter, which like the printed piece, is distributed to higher education leaders and researchers; national, state and regional legislators; leaders and executives of foundations and corporations that sponsor research.
  • UNT Insider, UNT's monthly e-newsletter from the university president to alumni and friends. The Insider connects readers to UNT by giving them timely and candid information directly from the university president. It is as personable as possible and gives readers the "inside scoop," straight from the top.
  • President's News Roundup, a bi-weekly e-newsletter from the university president to business and opinion leaders, legislators, select government entities as a tool for him to "brag about" UNT and show its progress by highlighting media hits, news releases and stories from other university outlets.
  • InHouse, an interactive, dynamic website that is updated regularly and accompanied by a brief, weekly e-newsletter. The website's purpose is to foster faculty and staff unity, build pride in UNT and show how the university is adhering to its core values as a student-centered public research university.
  • All About UNT, the university's preeminent overview brochure for the on-campus community to share as UNT ambassadors and for special visitors to campus. The publication includes top brag points illustrating that UNT is a high-quality university with nationally recognized excellence in academics, the arts and athletics.

URCM - Integrated Communications

Julie Elliott Payne

Director, Integrated Communications


University Services Building

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As URCM's Director of Integrated Communications, Julie is responsible for ensuring an integrated communications approach to sharing the university's stories with its numerous audiences. She oversees the News Media, Publications, Social Media and Web Content teams. As such, Julie:

  • Guides a team of managers and communications strategists in the creation of engaging, informative and strategic content for print and online publications that showcase the university's strongest assets and support UNT's progress in the achievement of its mission and goals
  • Serves as a team lead, primary editor and production manager on top-level university projects and initiatives
  • Works to protect and promote the image of the university – including top-level administrators - by both directly and indirectly crafting content such as copy for the president's website, newsletter and other key publications
  • Ensures communication tactics and efforts are strategic and focusing on moving the university's image and reputation forward
  • Consults with campus divisions and leaders on communication strategies
  • Acts as a spokesperson for the university and helps coordinate media responses for general inquiries about the university, including those related to UNT facilities, police, student affairs and policies

URCM - Publications

Randena Hulstrand

Publications Manager


University Services Building

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As UNT's publications manager, Randena:

  • oversees UNT's publications including The North Texan, UNT Research, All About UNT and ITSS communications
  • serves as primary editor and production manager for publications
  • creates and coordinates communication strategies and tactics plans for university projects and initiatives
  • serves as liaison between URCM, Data, Analytics & Institutional Research and the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs in helping coordinate and update campus facts and rankings for the UNT Fact website
  • covers news and initiatives for Athletics and Advancement, including UNT Alumni Association

Jessica DeLeon

Communication Specialist


University Services Building

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As one of URCM's writers, Jessica:

  • writes for The North Texan and UNT Research
  • edits marketing and recruitment materials
  • develops communication strategies and tactics plans for university projects
  • covers and writes news releases for the College of Visual Arts and Design, UNT on the Square and the Institute for Advancement of the Arts

Jill King

Senior Editor


University Services Building

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As URCM's senior editor, Jill:

  • compiles, writes and edits The North Texan and other serial publications
  • edits advertisements
  • edits marketing and recruitment materials
  • works on displays and other projects related to the university and its history