URCM leads the university's comprehensive approach to advertising, involving team members from across our division and partners from across campus to promote the university's brand, enhance our image, and drive student enrollment. Integrating all forms of media including outdoor, print, video, radio and digital marketing, we develop advertising campaigns for both the university as a whole and various colleges, schools and departments. Our goal is to inform our target audiences of the university's benefits and elicit their engagement with UNT.

Using the latest higher education marketing trends and UNT-specific research, we help develop comprehensive marketing campaigns that support UNT's student recruitment and retention goals, and create and place institutional advertising targeted to business and higher education audiences.

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URCM - Brand Marketing and Technology

Charity Beck

Director of Brand Marketing and Technology


University Services Building

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URCM - Advertising

Jack Fraser

Advertising Manager


University Services Building

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As UNT's advertising manager, Jack:

  • plans and writes UNT's digital, print, radio, video and outdoor advertising
  • manages selected special events and sponsorships for UNT brand exposure
  • creates the university's media strategy and ad buy placement
  • consults with departments across campus regarding their advertising
  • provides ROI reporting for ad campaigns
  • handles ad budget management
  • manages university brand awareness in advertising

Contact Jack for consultation on your advertising project and to coordinate your campaign with the university's broader effort.

Marybeth Menz

Advertising Coordinator


University Services Building

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As UNT's advertising coordinator, Marybeth:

  • Develops multi-targeted print and digital advertising plans and media strategies
  • Assists with media planning and budgeting
  • Researches new advertising techniques and emerging technologies
  • Writes and edits compelling advertising content
  • Leads production teams
  • Incorporates marketing research insights into messaging
  • Evaluates and analyzes results from advertising